H: welcome back everybody! Welcome back! My next guest is an actor. You probably knew him as the villian in the Harry Potter movies, he is in the new film Get him to the Greek, which is also the name of a film of myself once. But , eh, the, he is in the decent series though. Take a look at this.



F: Not everyone cares.


H: Let’s welcome Tom Felton, everybody! Tom Felton!


(T: Can I sit here?

H: Yeah, yeah, help yourself.

T: Thank you very much.)



H: Help yourself, Tom. Take a seat, you’re welcome here.(T: Thank you) Don’t be annoyed by Harry Potter references. None of that nonsense. Nobody will be taken them, make you, eh, of you…


T: you promise with this?

H: No, actually, I can not promise you that. I, eh, you must hear all the time with this.(T: Yes.) But your hair is a different color.

T: It is good. The hair color is lost. We had lost ???about a week ago, so no more blond hair for me. I’m very pleased.

H: No, no, you change, you change your mind.

T: Really? I can back to it

H: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can back to in your fifties. 回到他五十多岁的样子囧

T: You think I might...(Interrupted by laugh)

H: Yeah.

T: Well, hopely not.

H: No, no, you will. (T: I’m not lying!) ???? I’m going to, I’m going to ????? for the network. I’m going blond.

T: Really?     H: Yeah.

T: You’re very well, I think. (H: Yeah.) I think your hair would be better than mine.


H: I’ll bald, I swear. 这个似乎是说会秃头吧,根据下面观众的反应我自己联想的,听不太清楚

T: Ah, really? Me, too! (H: Mysteries? That’s weird!) That’s bizarre! (H: I know.) How does it happen?

H: Eh, I think it’s genetic.  T: genetic.

H: Yeah. Or maybe it’s the cold weather in Britain.

T: Britain. Ah, I can go for that.

H: Yeah, where are you from in Britain.

T: I’m from Surrey, as you know. Surry…

H: Surrey? Yeah, I know where that is

T: I heard you used to live ?????

H: I did. But I have to ???? in Surrey.

T: OK.  H: I did!

T: Did they treat you well? Well, Why was that?

H: Pu…Eh, in a, it was a place called Farmplace in Surrey. (T: Yes.) It was that ???? Tom 来自哪里,还说自己以前也在那里生活过。

T: I lived 6 months ago again for…

H: Were you ?? me? 这个词真查不到是啥,只知道下面观众很欢乐

T: I…

H: Yeah. No, you would be very young when I was ?? It was 18 years ago.

T: Yeah, sure.

H:  ?????? do you like?

T: Oh, I’m 45 now.  H45Yeah… 这个似乎是问题似乎是问年龄,然后Tom就和他开玩笑

T: No ????

H: Are you done that man with the Harry Potter that you’re done with that man?

T: That is it. (H: It’s over?) no more, no more Draco, I’ll say goodbye to him.

H: I don’t know, man. Not yet. They’ll come back.

T: You think?    H: Yeah.

T: Well, they’ve already talked of Harry Potter on ice? 虽然查了但仍然不知道on ice的笑点在哪里,在俚语里on ice有推迟,在监狱里的意思

H: The thing you could do is move on.  T: Move on? 

H: Move on.  T: Really?

H: Yeah, don’t stay there, move on.

T: I was gonna write some songs in the musical, maybe?


H: No, don’t do it. We wanna do, here is my pitch to you. Get a, eh, be a vampire with ? (T: Haha) That’s really catch-?-go ??? Sent to the vampires and (消音) Do that!


T: Thanks for that heads-up.

H: Was that the sixth ? words tonight?

T: You’re on a roll.

H: Ah, you know, it’s actually light tonight, really, to be honest.

T: Really?

H: I’m trying to cut down a few like, em, being, yeah…Do you curse a lot?


T: I confess, I’m, I’m pretty bad for it. And I always feel bad like my mom’s gonna frowning down on me when I do so, you know. Because of necessary, each time you use it ??? you use it in a roll of, some sort of, politic way, I think.

H: Thank you very much.   T: Not at all.

H: Very ?  young man. I can get all its ????

Tom 说自己在这方面做得很不好,自己也常说,但是他觉得这些消音词发明出来是有原因的,还说主持人一般用的时候都是因为牵涉到政治方面

T: Let’s face it. They were invented for a reason.

H: They are for a reason!?????

T: And you just ????????????????? (H: Yeah)

H: Do you find that you get any trouble over here for the differences with the languages ?????? for you to understand? Coz you can say fanny here, any time you like.

T: Yes, it’s a very different meaning in the UK.  H: Yes, absolutely.

T: Yeah, if you give a lady a tap on the fanny, that would be a wholeother circumstances.

H: Be awesome.

T: We should probably talk about that later coz you know…

Fanny在美国只是对臀部的一种委婉说法,但在英国是种很忌讳的说法,说出来是对女性的一种不尊重吧。在美国fanny tap通常是没有性含义的,只是作弄别人让别人紧张而已,当然在英国就……

H: No, no, let’s talk about it right now. I, ah, have you been doing any, ah, fanny taps…

T: Wow, it’s… it’s… (无语了)

H: Oh, I got it. Have you? No, I know. Hey! You know what? Let me  tell you a story, this is true. Right.(T: Please.) I go in a car in LasVegas  (T: Right.) to go from one place to another place. (T: OK.) And the guy who was driving the car or ‘limo driver’ (豪华轿车司机)said to me, ah, he said ‘ Hey, Tom Felton was just in the car. He is that Draco in the Harry Potter.’ I said ‘ I can smell his perfume ’ I could smell perfume in the car, which means I ?? somebody with either wearing perfume or doing some fanny tap in the wrong way.


T: You’ve got me. You’ve got me. You show me the evidence, what can I do?

H: You were in Vegas, right?

T: I was in Vegas.(H: Was it you?) It was me. The same driver ?????? in the back of the…

H: Well, he said he’s gonna get me next?

T: Yeah, he was like ‘ guess whom I’m gonna pick up next?”


H: Well, were you in that car on your own? Coz I really smelt perfume.

T: I was not. (H: Ah, haha.) ?? done me. ????? 3 or 4 playboy bunnies. They were on their way home.

H: Really?   T: No.  H: They were wearing…  T: Come on, man.

H: The ?????  is like ???  It was like brute? Or something like that?

T: Brute? Wow! I’m not sure she is… maybe she is ?????? I don’t know.


H: No, no, no. You were…??? Do you wear aftershave?

T: Eh, very little. I wore some tonight. Did you..? Did you get a…

H: ?????? That’s pretty nice.

T: That’s not bad, is it? I find that cool on anyone who plug the brand.

H: But it’s actually very good. Coz I was going to ? or do a joke about it. But I’m actually like ‘Wow, you’re attractive!’


T: Are we, are we ? here? This, eh …

H: Kind of, I think, yeah ,I think we are. Are you gonna watch World Cup? You’re English.

T: I am. Of course. I’m not the ??football?? They would ask me what team do you support, I would say England. I don’t have, like a subdivision thing.

H: Well, well, here, that’s enough. No one is going ??Oh, Manchester United’ or ‘Arsenal!曼联  阿森纳

T: You know all my friends, yes, ????


H: Yeah, yeah, did you fall in any American sports at all?

T: A little bit. I used to be really into basketball. I love my golf ????

H: Golf? (T: Yeah.) You see that’s not actually an American sport, Mr Felton. Where is that from again, golf? Where is golf from?

T: Educate me, please. Where is it?

H: I can’t remember.

T: Is it England?

H: Surrey, I think. (T: Surrey?) No, do you play golf?


T: Ah, shockingly, I ?? the clubs but I ????

H: Well, you know, that’s good. That’s how you get in with the in-crowed in Hollywood, to play golf.

T: Really? Is that what you do?

H: I don’t play.  T: Have you done that?

H: No, I, eh, look at me, Tom. Look, am I like an in-crowed.(T: I hope, sir.) I can ?? a paper and a robot ????? That’s it!

T: I thought you were in the in-crowed. Why not?

H: No, sir. No! This is, your probablism is still to the wrong way.


T: He really biges you up, seriously.

H: What?   T: He really biged you up.  

H: bigs me up? Well, that’s sounds really… What is biged? Is that, is that what the kids was saying?

T: Yes, ???????

H: Biged me up.  T: It’s not a, it’s not a ????

H: Don’t like the topic on the fanny

T: No, no, no. Are we losing each other in translation?

H: No, I’ve been here for a long time, you know. 

这里考虑了下还是用了big up比较顺。大概就是说Tom觉得好莱坞的人都对这个主持人赞赏有加吧,所以刚才才以为他是圈内人士。但是主持人不明白这个短语的意思,以为和fanny tap是一类词。