T: Of course. When did you get here

H: 95. ????

T: 95, OK. I’m just, at the first time I came out here I actually thought I could generally move on.(H: Awesome, that’s awesome) It seems nice. You have dogs, right?

H: Yes, you’ve ??? dogs in the America. ??????

T: When was that ???? coz I thought…

H: No, you can have as many as you like.

T: I’ve got to ask you. How did you, with the ? bring them over? No quarantine?

H: Oh, I got them here.

T: Oh, sorry, excuse me.


H: Oh, I emigrated here for 15 years. Many dogs, don’t last. ??

T: You said ????? many ???? What did you…

H: Well, I’ve got a French Bulldog ??????  poo-poo ???? I don’t see it. The one you don’t like lives there ever. So ???? me, how many dogs you’ve got?


T: Just one. It’s one of the first things I got when I moved into my own flat.

H: That’s nice. What kind of dog?

T: It’s a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. 切萨皮克湾寻猎犬

H: No one Chesapeake in America. No wonder you want to bring it here.

T: Yeah, no ?? have a clue what it is. But it is…

H: What, what is it? Is it a large dog or small dog?

T: It’s basically like a brown Labrador with slightly wooly and ?? paws. They are great for swimming.

H: Sounds like a ???

T: Slightly, maybe?

H: Not like a major ???? , one of a minor ???

T: He looks nothing like that, I think. There is no resemblance.



H: Are you worried that you’re not being able to bring your dog over

T: About, about the rules ????????????????????   messing around.

H: Well, I think, I think you know, you’ve come to the right place.


H: No, I think you probably some, in, you know shorts for the dog.

T: I’ve thought of it, OK? If someone tell me about a 6-month Cairn Terrier, I can’t deal that.

H: Yeah, that would be bad.

T: Did you ever ??? your dogs or anything like that?

H: I’d love to ??? a French Bulldog. The way ?????? The wives are women, too.

T: Yeah, all right. You share ???

H: with the wife? No. 

T: Yeah, no, no, no! The dog, the dog.

H: The ??? The dog, the dog is fine.

T: The ???


H: No, everyone is great in my house. Is your dog menacing in…

T: Not at all. She is…

H: What’s your dog’s name?

T: Tinba  H: Tinber?  T: Tinba or Tinbaland if she’s been bad.名字是自己猜的

H: Nice, that’s kind of, you know, ‘what’s up?’ That’s kind of ??? player.

  Hey, Tinba, how my expensive aftershave. How I got a little ???? on me?

T: I like to keep a real ??? What can I say that?


H: I’m very nice to meet you, young fella.

T: ??? You know, it is my first ever chat show or first ever show…

H: Me, too!   T: Really? You’re doing OK, I…

H: I was doing great.

T: Well ,I’ll thank you personally for, eh, yeah, for breaking me in.

H: That’s, that’s like if we went to Britain and I said I tapped you in the fanny.

Break in 的其中一个意思是破处……

T: I got it. I picked the wrong phrase.

H: Yeah, you picked the wrong phrase.

T: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It gonna take me a few weeks to pick up the…

H: That’s all right. You’ll be fine. Just stay out of the way so I’ll leave it for a while.

T: That’s where my hotel is. You’re serious? Oh, I’m worried now.

H: You just told everyone where your hotel is.

T: (消音)

HTom Felton, everyone.